Dear Friend

The End column, the Australian Industry Standard
Issue 4, 3 July 2000
by Neale Morison

Dear friend, you can earn up to $100,000 or more in the next 90 days or thereabouts just by sending email.

This is a legitimate, legal, money making opportunity. It is not an insidious scam aimed at defrauding the greedy and gullible; although, come to think of it, there are a lot of people out there matching that description and if you could score $5 off just a few of them . . . Simply follow the instructions, and your dreams will come true. This multi-level e-mail order marketing program works perfectly...100% every time. For you, not just for the sly devils who instigated it. The longer you wait, the more people will be doing business using e-mail. Get your piece of this action!!!

You have probably heard the story of a fifteen year old boy whose mother was putting laundry away when she came across a large brown paper bag suspiciously buried beneath some clothes and a skateboard in the back of her closet. Cripes, it has to be true. No one could invent such plausible circumstantial detail. Nothing could have prepared her for the shock she received when she opened the bag and found it was full of cash. Five dollar bills, twenties, fifties and hundreds- all neatly rubber-banded in labeled piles.

"My first thought was that he had robbed a bank", says the 41-year-old woman (not her real age or sex).

"There was over $71,000 dollars in that bag (not the real sum) - that's more than my husband (not his real legal status) earns in a year". As it turns out, the boy had been sending out via email on the Internet a type of 'chain-letter' to email addresses that he obtained from the Internet. Everyday after school for the past 2 months, he had been doing this right on his computer in his bedroom. It could have been worse, as many parents will testify.

Within the first few days of sending out the email, the Post Office Box that his parents had gotten him for his video-game magazine subscriptions began to fill up with not magazines, but envelopes containing five dollar bills.

You can do it too! Just follow the instructions below to receive an extraordinary sum of money by sending vast quantities of email.

It can't be legal, you say? It's just amazing how many things are legal. The secret is to offer something in exchange for the money you fervently hope other optimistic participants in this scheme will send you. Something incredibly valuable and sought after, yet inexpensive to reproduce. Something that can be sent and received at almost no cost, at speeds approaching the speed of light. Information. A report that will change your life and the lives of all who see it.

Become so persuasive that people just naturally go along with whatever you say. Learn the question that will instantly turn anyone into putty in your hands; a subliminal technique that establishes your credibility in a matter of seconds. This report is written by a master persuader who has studied ancient war strategies, sales, marketing, and deep psychological communication techniques. But there's more:

Just send $5 and your email address to the post office box below to receive this fabulous report and easy-to-follow instructions for its use.