The End column, the Australian Industry Standard
Issue 11, 9 October 2000
by Neale Morison

Sydney, 3 October 2000 - Intrusivity Pty Ltd, a world leader in the delivery of enterprise cross-platform advertising services and solutions, announces the immediate availability of WetFish, the first product to incorporate Intrusivity's patented Multiple Penetration (TM) technology.

WetFish is an advanced, interactive, real-time, integrated platform for development and distribution of promotional messages, combining a range of technologies to provide the first one-stop resource for pursuing the target from the creative to the implantation phase.

"The great benefit of utilizing Multiple PenetrationTM is that fact that it accesses your market from every direction at once and then some," says Zoltan Candida, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing for Intrusivity Corporation. "It's not just about Web ads. Sure, we can leverage banner signage to impact your specified demographic. We've got ads that throb, sparkle, jiggle, ripple, crumble, burn, and explode, ads you can stroke, scratch, scrape, punch, hammer and shoot. We have ads that rotate, ads that jump out of the page, ads that follow comsumers around no matter how far they scroll. But frankly there's more to life if you want to grab mindshare. Because it used to be that you could turn that browser off and our ads were gone. Not any more."

In addition to advertising on the traditional browser platform, WetFish carries its campaigns to other desktop and server applications through relationships with leading software vendors.

"You shut down your browser, our ad is back in your word processor or your spreadsheet," says Candida. "You're playing a first person shoot-em up, the monster that comes around the corner has our customer's logo on its body armour. Your friend sends you an email with a funny picture or a gag, it's one that Intrusivity originated with our customer's message somewhere inside. You shut down your applications, our ad is there on the desktop. But it can't stop there, as long as the consumer has an off switch within reach."

WetFish offers packaging and distribution of messages to a wide range of other media. WetFish functionality encompasses television and cinema advertising, radio talkback opinion manipulation, sports sponsorship, clothing and packaging, bus, train and taxi banners, skywriting, mail and email campaigns, telesales and subliminal pulsing of the electrical grid.

"However while we have serious credentials in the delivery of mass advertising, our strength is in ultra-specific micro-targetting down to the single individual and beyond," says Candida.

Synergistic relationships with POS vendors, ISPs, communications carriers and credit card corporations combine with Intrusivity's demographic database to provide targetting second to none.

"Intrusivity is rich in the currency of personal information," says Candida. "We have our finger on the digital pulse. Our online advertising databases have been gathering data since their inception to create what is now an unparallelled datamining resource. We have close to 90 per cent of the world's IP addresses matched to geographical location, and 70 percent matched to names and addresses. We have full data tracking of online purchases for five years from over 10,000 major sites, we can profile the individual personal surfing and buying habits of hundreds of thousands of consumers."

Intrusivity's unduplicated dumpster diving division adds a vast resource of information derived from discarded packaging, recoverable consumables and supermarket dockets. Relationships with hygiene authorities provide additional ongoing analysis of consumer throughput, all available through the unique WetFish Web interface.

"Multiple PenetrationTM takes online advertising beyond the wire, beyond the wireless network," says Candida. "We can reach their dental prostheses and their pacemakers. But more than that, Intrusivity gives you the social network. Not only can we induce customers to pay you for the T-shirt carrying your message, we can influence the person wearing that T-shirt to appear in front of other people you want to see that message. We don't just track them as they go past a participating outlet and send them a WAP message telling them about the latest special. We arrange for them to move from outlet to outlet in a specified path, becoming a walking signboard. We can get your message on a tattoo on the forehead of your target's children. Only Intrusivity allows its customers to dialogue with such a continually enhancing segmentation going forward," Candida adds. "We have the world by the cookies."

About Intrusivity Corporation

Since its inception in June 2000, Intrusivity Corporation has worked to enrich customer consumer targetting with a variety of enterprise solutions, providing services to nearly 13 customers in over 2 states.